If you are in the market for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations that can speed up the process, protect you from common pitfalls, and save you money:

  1. Set a list of goals and a budget for the project. This ensures that your contractor understands the direction you want to go and might be able to offer suggestions to improve the design or lower costs.
  2. Get quotes from at least 3 contractors. Ask for references from past jobs that are similar to yours and get a certificate of insurance to ensure you are not left holding the bag if things go south. Also, think about how well you get along with the contractor because some projects can last 8 weeks or more.
  3. After doing due diligence and choosing a contractor, carefully review the bid or contract before signing. Check for the following:
    1. Are payment terms clearly defined?
    2. Is the scope of work clearly defined?
    3. Are starting and estimated completion dates defined?
    4. How are mid-project changes to the bid or contract handled?
  4. Make yourself available to the contractor as well as check in with the contractor daily to ensure any snags are handled promptly and to check on progress.
  5. Always have a final walk-through before the final payment, even if you have to have a hold-back for a few finishing touches to be completed.


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